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Otterson Business Graphics has specialised in the production of fast and affordable sites for the World Wide Web since early in 1996 - well before the Web really began to take off.

arrow Fast Access:
Several of our sites are used as information sources and so we have concentrated, to some extent, on fast access - not everyone uses a fast broadband connection. This does not mean that you can't have your favourite graphics but we will advise you on how large they should be, where they should be located and how many you can probably get away with on the page. And then we will do exactly what you want regardless!
arrow Animation:
If you would like an animated logo, Flash movie or banner then we will certainly find the most efficient way of producing one, taking into consideration the types of browser and connection speeds your readership is likely to be using.

It is important that your site is accessible to those with visual or hearing impairment. We make every effort to meet these needs, avoiding those techniques which cause important text to overlap other text and become unreadable if the font size is increased in the reader's browser. We also ensure that there are alternative names for graphics and text navigation options for those who must browser with graphics turned off or using a text voice reader


We do not rely entirely on virtual testing techniques - we test all our sites on a wide range of browsers, on several Operating Systems and versions and on a variety of monitors and at several depths of colour and resolution. If your requirements include JavaScript we try to ensure that, should a reader be using a browser that is not JavaScript enabled, the site will still function without error messages, even if the finer trimmings may not be visible.

We do not like to see little notices saying "This site is best viewed using x browser and a screen resolution of ....". Your site should look good on any browser and at any screen resolution.

arrow Site Updating:
We offer a site updating service at attractive rates and can usually put small changes on site within a few hours - if not minutes - of receipt.
arrow Demonstration Sites:
Every client is provided with access to a personal site for their material during development and major upgrades. Normally, in the early stages of design, several versions of a layout may be posted to the test site so that the client can "pick & mix" preferences. We positively encourage feedback, both positive and negative, during development.
arrow Internet Connections:
We can offer clients advice on setting up an Internet account, with an ISP to suit their needs, and with the selection of suitable hardware and software. For clients located within Scotland we can supply direct in-house assistance with setting up an ISP account and appropriate equipment.
arrow Training & Desk Top Guides:
We offer training for our clients' staff in accessing the Internet, Email, News Groups and the Web. We can also offer training in updating the client's web site.

Our training can include extensively illustrated desk top guides, tailored to the client's own web site if required.
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