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Otterson-BG pioneered the Otterson Electronic Business Card in the mid-90s. Of course, in these days, it was available on full size CD or, most commonly, floppy disc. Now the popular format is 50 MB business card sized CD but we can still offer all formats, including the floppy disc if you would like a retro look.

The floppy format was popular, in the early days, with a client who regularly visited the more remote parts of Africa and wanted to show his web site with the latest business offers to local businesses and organisations with no Internet access. We were even able to squeeze an off-line browser onto the floppy. He found that he could telephone Otterson-BG 48 hours before leaving for another visit and have his site updated and 20 floppies prepared ready for him to collect on the way to the airport.

The availability of business card CDs with 50MB of data potential has meant that much more sophistic material can be used. While we list some of the uses below, design is completely flexible to meet your needs.

star all or part of your existing web site on an Otterson Business Card;
star a site custom designed for the Card or for both Card and World Wide Web;
star an introduction to your business operations - in Portable Document Format, PowerPoint presentation or web format;
star distribution of information about your products;
star catalogue or price list;
star information about a new product launch;
star video clips of your premises or services
star introduction to a special event or report on its outcomes;
star your conference slide shows and handouts for the final Conference Folder
star internal or external training guides.

The Otterson Electronic Business Card is a convenient and modern method of distribution of information which can be easily carried in the pocket or posted. A web format site can be viewed on any World Wide Web browser (Windows PC, Linux /Unix or, within certain conditions, Mac). In this way all of your clients, with any computer, can have the benefit of the latest internet technology without having to commit themselves to their own internet connection.

Any other document format can be used, such as Portable Document Format (for Adobe Acrobat Reader), PowerPoint or Word - in fact any format that your readers will be able to read.

Order enough for a conference or special event or, to ensure that your customers and clients get the latest information, buy just what you need for use between updates of your products, services or web site - no quantity is too small. Your Otterson Electronic Business Card need never go out of date.

Although the most popular format, at the moment, is the Business Card CD with 50MB of file space and approximately 85mm x 58mm, Otterson Electronic Business Cards can also be supplied on 3.5 in floppy, standard CDs or 80mm mini-CD business cards.

At a unit cost, for the Business Card CD version, of normally under £1.00 , packed and ready to go, this has to be a very cost effective marketing tool. (This charge does not include web site design.)

All versions are labeled on glossy or matt full colour laser or photo quality bubblejet printed labels and packed in clear plastic wallets (or card sized jewel cases at an extra cost) with a card information sheet if required. Full size CDs are available in either Jewel cases or clear PVC wallets.

There is a small basic set up charge, normally for the first batch only.

Note: Floppy disk versions will accept about 1.3MB of material (a surprising amount of information can be fitted into this space). CD Business Cards will hold 50MB of information while CDs will take 650MB. full size DVDs (4.7GB) can also be produced if required.

Unlike some other providers, we offer a very competitive full design and layout service if you require it and can usually download and modify most of an existing web site if you should need that. Videos can be edited and presented in any format your readers may be able to watch - or converted to Flash movies for more widely available use (but please remember there are limits to just how much video you can squeeze onto a card). We have one of the fastest turn-around time in the business.

Please contact Otterson-BG (obg@otterson-bg.co.uk) if you would like to know more about Otterson Electronic Business Cards. We will be happy to advise you and guide you through the process - our aim is to take as much weight off your marketing preparations as we can.

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