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Welcome to the new Otterson Pages. This site breaks a few rules because, in addition to its main purpose, the promotion of our business, we also have an interest in the promoting Scotland. Consequently the site has been divided into two sections, one for Otterson Business Graphics and the other for a quick light hearted Tour of Scotland, covering just tasters of the scenery, the people and the history.


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Otterson Business Graphics: the business - web design and the ever popular and internationally distributed Otterson Electronic Business Cards - now available on the popular CD ROM Business cards - approximately 58mm x 85mm, CD ROM, Mini-CD ROM or even Floppy Disk. All at budget prices. Although a lot of our users like to see their web sites on cards, Power Point presentations and Portable Document Format (PDF) are also common and small video clips have also been included.Unlike some other suppliers, we can help with the development of the content if need be.

We have been in the web design business since 1996 and our Electronic Business Cards have been taken around the world in the pockets of our clients for most of that time.

We specialise in attractive but fast access information provision which can be read easily on a wide range of browsers from early versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape to up to date Firefox and Opera without those annoying error messages - and certainly without your client being told he or she cannot access your information without the latest software.

Scotland and the Scots: a bit of Scots history and a different tour of Scotland in the company of Glasgow based author, James Loomis.
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